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The Future of History

Guest post from our Week 4 Friend of the Week, Stephen Angell. The weekly theme was “The Future of History.” Below, Steve describes some of the talks he attended, and offers a Quaker response. In addition to being our Friend of the Week, Stephen W. Angell also serves as Leatherock Professor of Quaker Studies at […]

How is It

by Kriss Miller – Friend in Residence How is It How is It how is it so much to ask to right the wrongs of the human condition to find the strength   to hold space for the anguish of another how is it so much to ask that one’s body belongs to itself and not […]

Out of the Amp and into the Wild

                        by Kriss Miller – Friend in Residence It was a sunny day and a gentle breeze that provided the backdrop for Victoria Loorz to remind those of us sitting in the Hall of Philosophy of the importance of staying in conversation with nature. In the Interfaith series for this Wild week 2 of the […]

The Beat of a Distant Drum

2022 marks our return to a full complement of activities and few restrictions. The excitement is palpable. The Quaker house Steering Committee is delighted to welcome our new Friends in Residence, Kriss and Gary Miller. See their page here. Kriss will be blogging in this space each week. This was a beautiful week. We packed […]

“April is the Cruellest Month…”

Blog by Ron Petersen, QHCHQ Steering Committee member April 2022 “April is the cruellest month, breeding Lilacs out of the dead land, mixing Memory and desire, stirring Dull roots with spring rain. So opens T. S. Eliot’s poem “The Waste Land”. As I begin work on the blog entry I agreed to do for this […]

The World is Always Turning

By Shari Castle PhD An old folk song says that the “world is always turning toward the morning.”  As I sit here in wintery Chautauqua, I think about how the world is always turning toward the summer season. Here on the Chautauqua grounds, I’m in my cozy winterized condo having just checked on our family […]

What Hides Beneath the Snow

            It’s December and winter time at the Chautauqua Institution.  And the Quaker House has entered its season of hibernation.  The porches are enclosed with canvas drapes protecting chairs and bicycles, the water pipes are drained, wall air conditioners stored inside, perishables removed, furniture covered in sheets, WIFI disconnected and stand by power turned off.  […]

Week Nine: All Together Now from Emily Provance, Friend in Residence Friday afternoon, a few people lingered after storytelling, and Kathy Slattery (our house manager) offered leftover Italian ices.  We chose between orange and raspberry-lemon.  Then we sat on the steps and savored the melting tang on our tongues, rough concrete beneath our bare feet, […]