Author: Quaker House

Week Nine: All Together Now from Emily Provance, Friend in Residence Friday afternoon, a few people lingered after storytelling, and Kathy Slattery (our house manager) offered leftover Italian ices.  We chose between orange and raspberry-lemon.  Then we sat on the steps and savored the melting tang on our tongues, rough concrete beneath our bare feet, […]

Taking Care

Week Eight: from Emily Provance, Friend in Residence If there’s ever a time to delve into brain and soul, the time is now.  This week at Chautauqua, the institutional theme was “The Human Brain: Our Greatest Mystery.”  The interfaith lectures centered on the human soul.  We talked about the extraordinary power of the human brain, […]

Week Five: Comedy

from Emily Provance, Friend in Residence In the weekly Quaker House brown bag discussion, our speaker, Callid Keefe-Perry, talked about the similarities between Quaker worship and improvisational comedy theory.  In one of those moments of perfect synchronicity, Callid’s internet connection dropped out repeatedly, leaving the rest of us to slide in and out of improvisational […]

Week 4: Paradox

from Emily Provance, Friend in Residence In front of Quaker House, there are two trees.  One has green leaves, and the other has red.  I don’t know enough about horticulture to explain this.  There’s also a squirrel—I call her Friend Squirrel—who delights in leaping between them.  Sometimes, when I’m working on the balcony, she comes […]

Week Three: Trust from Emily Provance, Friend in Residence The official theme of the week was “Trust, Society, and Democracy.”  I heard a lot about society and a lot about democracy but very, very little about trust.  The only explicit addressing of this topic was the week’s first speaker, Richard Edelman.  He established the Edelman […]

Week Two: Community

from Emily Provance, Friend in Residence Space architecture.  Science Fiction.  Digital religion.  Genetic engineering.  Every speaker we heard this week agreed on one thing about the future: whatever it’ll be, we’re all in it together, and that is not necessarily a good thing. The week’s theme was set up surprisingly well by Ted Chiang, who […]

Week One

Week One: Integrity from Emily Provance, Friend in Residence Certain types of communication can cross a lot of boundaries.  For example, The Glenn Miller Orchestra, which came to Chautauqua Thursday night.  Everybody turned out, from infants to elderly, and everybody danced in their seats.  In fact, one woman, who looked about eighty-five, refused to sit […]