Rooms at Quaker House

We offer spiritual nourishment and hospitality during the Chautauqua season.

Reservations Are Open

Rooms are available to rent for a week during the Chautauqua season from Saturday at 4:00 pm until the following Saturday at 10:00am. Gate passes and parking are not included with your rental and must be purchased from the Institution.

Quaker House has four available bedrooms: one is suitable for parents and small children. WiFi and access to shared space are included. The full bathrooms on each floor are shared. There is no elevator, so please pack luggage that can be carried up one or two flights of stairs

Quaker House also offers rentals during the “shoulder seasons” — the weeks immediately preceding the beginning of the season and immediately after the close of the season. During this time, we also offer space for small groups wishing to hold retreats. Preference given to Quaker groups and committees.

Rooms at Quaker House

Please note: rooms rent by the week and by the room, not the number of guests.
Room 21 $365.00 per week
Room 21 Spacious room with full bed, writing desk, closet, ceiling fan, access to 2nd floor porch off hallway.
View of room 21 from the doorway showing writing desk
Room 22 $390 per week
Room 22 Cozy room with twin beds, air conditioning, good natural light, limited storage, access to second floor porch off hallway.
room 22 looking towards hallway

Room 31 $400.00 per week
Room 31 Roomy, quiet, twin beds (one extra-long) good natural light, air conditioning, can be made into one King sized bed. Also has a small desk.

room 31 view out the window
Room 32 $400.00 per week
Room 32 Queen bed, quiet, air conditioning, low-headroom dormer for fold-out twin floor mattress
Room 32