Quaker House Hosts Homeboys and Homegirls

            Home boys and Home girls have found their Chautauqua home with the Quaker House – their official host at Chautauqua.

Music brings us together

Three groups of 4, each group comes for a week and stay at the QHC.

Food brings us together – Taco night!

Entering into the Chautauqua sabbatical experience, they take home experiences of sailing, new friends, and affirmation of their humanity from a radically different world. They experience theater, opera, and pottery, leaving behind for us their witness of amazing human transformation based on the vision of Father Greg Boyle founder of the world’s largest program of gang rehabilitation and reentry.                 https://homeboyindustries.org

Ready to see Chautuaqua Lake up close

It is based on the premise that we are all exactly who God meant us to be and that through love, mutuality and kindness we can discover our true selves.

Safety on the water

And always celebrating with homemade ice cream.

Doesn’t ice cream make us all smile?